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Service Policies & Cancelations:
We have the best weather cancellation policy ever.
However due to an inaccurate or mislead TV or Radio , Websites , Phones or relative members -weather forecasts, local government or any other legal townships/cities policies or sources - some restrictions applied. 
Heavy and/or all day RAIN :
In the event like a heavy rain or high wind ( 40 mph or more ) - please call or e-mail us evening before or early morning on the day of rental to discuss a possibility to reschedule or cancel at all.
If cancellation cause by a bad weather we will return your deposit  in a full payment- subject to discuss prior or on the same day of service.
If any Refunds applied will be only for an inflatables rides.

We do not refund a deposits due to any other reasons . Only when very bad weather causing  direct threat to your health or life or act of God or War or Terrorist Activities  !
For Tents, Concessions etc.- deposit will be not return.( negotiation possible under different circumstances ).
Please allow two weeks for a refund.

We are in the business to do a business, However your satisfaction is more important
to us rather just to earn your deposit and loose you as a customer forever !

Please note:
Discounts applied only when customers book and made a deposit /payment 1 month in advance.
Deposits not refundable during a summer time period starting Memorial Day to a Labor Day.
Deposits not refundable for a water slides due to a rainy weather !
We are here to serve you - Please Call 215-969-8224
Thank you !