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Whoopie Cushion
Inflate Whoopie Cushion lightly ( self sealing ) and place on seat . When unsuspecting people sit down , they make an embarrassing noise !
Price: $2.99
Fake Cigarette Burn
Place Fake Cigarette Burn on the coffe table. Watch your friends try to grab it fast !
Price: $2.99
Clown Nose
Be a Clown and entertain your freinds. Fits on all size noses.
Price: $2.99
Dirty Soap
Remove label from bottom of soap to wash hands as usual. Soon you'll be dirtier than when you started
Price: $2.99
Pop Up Funny Can
People can't resist opening this can. Watch them jump when the lid is removed and the snake pops out !
Price: $2.99
4 Hot Toothpicks
Pass hot toothpicks to your friends after dinner . Th more the chew , the hotter they get !
Price: $2.99
Black Eye Scope
Your friends will pay when they look into the Wonderscope ! Washes off with soap and warm water .
Price: $2.99
Puppy Poop
Puppy Poop looks so real, your friends will be disgusted !
Price: $2.99
WARNING: Choking Hazard
Toys content small parts . Not for children under 3 years !
Some items appropriate for children 5 years and over .